Glory Days

For the next five years guests of Fort Wilderness Campground were treated to live steam train transportation like no other. The train route was by far the longest train route at any Disney park, more than double the 1 1/2 mile route around the Magic Kingdom. The Wilderness Line transported guests through woods, fields, and over trestles. People realized this was no ordinary campground. You could take a steam train to a old swimmin' hole called River Country, or just ride and enjoy the scenery. A $1.00 ticket was good for an adult to ride all day. Imagine that! The train ran every day from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. The fact that the train started running at 7:00 am brought up a 'over design' issue. The engines were fitted with whistles designed to be heard up to a county away under rural conditions. Guest, often camping in tents, were treated to a startling morning wake-up.

Engine #3 crossing 1 of the 2 trestles located in Fort Wilderness.

Image of Fort Wilderness train

Engine #2 close to the Campground entrance.

Image of Fort Wilderness train at MAPO

A train filled with your favorite characters circling the campground.

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